A Dynamic Carbon Removal Claim

Creating a win-win for buyers, sellers and the planet 🤝
Recarb's Carbon Shares are an intangible asset with an inner stored CO2e value that dynamically adjusts with the amount of carbon being stored in the underlying project.
  • As long as the Carbon Shares are held, the environmental claim can be accounted for by the owner. If the Carbon Shares are sold, the environmental claim moves to the next owner.
  • At the start of the project, the value of a Carbon Share is 0t of CO2e. If carbon is then removed from the atmosphere and stored, the CO2e value per Share rises. If carbon is released in the atmosphere, the value of the share declines. We call this dynamic accounting.
  • To fight greenwashing, ownership and any changes to the underlying projects of the Carbon Shares are stored on an immutable database that is publicly accessible at all times. This means that anybody can view how much carbon has been removed by whom at any point in time.

This creates a win-win for buyers, sellers, and the planet

🏢 Buyers - By not having to retire Carbon Shares to claim their environmental benefit in contrast to carbon credits, carbon removal and storage is no longer only a cost driven factor but an investment into an intangible asset that grows in value, emulating stock market principles.
🌱 Sellers - By selling Carbon Shares at the very beginning of a project similar to a startup in seed stage, project developers can acquire the necessary capital to finance the development before any carbon has even been removed from the atmosphere.
🌍 Planet - By designing Carbon Shares as an intangible asset, buyers are finally incentivised to invest in high quality projects because they need to make sure that the project continues to exist for many years. Otherwise, the size of their contribution claims would decrease.
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